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Underwater Cinematography

Jordan Klein Film and Video and The Klein family have been at the forefront of underwater cinematography technology for over 50 years! Jordan Klein, Sr opened the first dive shop on Miami beach shortly after World War II and developed some of the first underwater cameras. Jordan Klein, Sr's son,  Jordy Klein has continued the legacy and is still pushing the boundaries of underwater filmmaking.

Vampire Diaries: Behind the Scenes

Underwater behind the scenes of Vampire Diaries season 3 finale.


Underwater D/P: Jordan(Jordy) Klein Jr.

Aquacrane and Aquahead

The Aquacrane and Aquahead is a totally custom camera crane and remote head. They allow the camera to be fully submerged and then smoothly transition from 10' underwater to 25'  above the water. The Aquacrane and Aquahead can be mounted on our custom photoboat and be taken to remote locations.

Make a Splash at Disney

Watch the Aqualillies synchronized swimming team take a trip to stay in the Family Suites at Disney's Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida.


D/P: Jordan(Jordy) Klein Jr.